The UnCalled Four

San Diego, Las Vegas and Phoenix

The Uncalled Four includes members from Arizona, Nevada and California, Cathie Sturm, tenor; Marsha Shaw, lead; Jacquie Fernandez, baritone, and Sharee Markiewicz, bass. The Uncalled Four has been together since 2016 and originally competed in California in Region 11. However, after changing to Region 21, we experienced great success and placed 2nd at contest in 2018! The QT name is the name of Cathie's (the tenor) Grandma's quartet from the 1950s. Cathie had been wanting to use that name with previous quartets, but this time it stuck! Cathie and Marsha (the Lead) are daughter-mother. Jacquie is a former California Sweet Adeline having sung in several quartets. Our original bass stepped down in 2018 and Sharee (San Diego Chorus) joined us in December of 2018. Sharee originally was a baritone when she first joined Sweet Adelines in 1985 in Maryland. She relocated to San Diego in 2014. She changed to Bass - and we are glad she did!

Rehearsal Location

Balboa Park, Casa Del Prado room #207

1650 El Prado

San Diego, CA 92101

Wednesdays   6:45 pm - 9:45 pm

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