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Video Voice Instruction

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During this unplanned hiatus from regular Wednesday night rehearsal, Director Kathleen Hansen is developing an ongoing series of short instructional videos.  We want to share them with any singer who wants to use them.  Please use these links to hone your skills. 

1.  TE Tuner Tutorial 1    https://youtu.be/vq2SwW-MoQw

2.  All About Beats (tuning)     https://youtu.be/ETFQr6VGh5A  

3.  Ear Training  Apps        https://youtu.be/mNNJZyXWlgg

4. All About Cents (Tuning)   https://youtu.be/R3AfHm8awUc

5.  Super Lung Power and Breath Control   https://youtu.be/57xrXQL0GT   

6. 12 Minute Vocal Warm-up #1   https://youtu.be/dwnJJYg5-N   

7. Morning  Vocal Warm-up    https://youtu.be/pq8_LSzcKvI

8. Music Memorization Tips   https://youtu.be/hWr-6CmZAbA

9. How to Practice More Effectively   https://youtu.be/qbtVzWpGqr4

10. Vocal Warm-up #2 High Range Extension    https://youtu.be/clVCBf5O_48

11. Explain It: Resonance  https://youtu.be/weW4X2awmgM

12. How to Practice Effectively     http://Youtu.be/qbtVzWpGqr4

13. Revive your Voice! Vocal Function (Stemple)    https://youtu.be/C9PzSTbGw88

14. Mixed Register Exercises        https://youtu.be/xPVz8DI_oVw

15. Four Part Harmony Warm-up.     https//youtu.be/UXqI1xR6xCo


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